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Massive Public Artwork in Paris Reflects Desire For Climate Change Solutions

But our art piece is a silent march,” JR said in a statement. We must think about our future, the future of our environment and this is our answer to those who want to control our present.”
TIME • 2 days ago • 12k Shares

Corporate Tax Cuts May Be ‘One Of The Great Policy Blunders Of The Past Generation': Study

Corporate tax cuts were supposed to spur economic growth and job creation, but a new study looking at more than 90 years of data argues those cuts have done nothing to help growth — in fact, it shows they may have slowed the economy down.
Huffington Post • 2 days ago • 4062 Shares

The force of flavor is strong with 'Star Wars' ice cream

Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, NY is offering two flavors you can eat while binge-watching the first six movies in preparation for The Force Awakens: The Light Side and The Dark Side.
Mashable • 7 hours ago • 8744 Shares

NBA Stars, Athletes, Celebrities Salute Kobe Bryant on Twitter

Shout to @kobebryant on his illustrious career in the NBA! Nothing but tremendous respect and admiration for @kobebryant I have always been the biggest fan of his competitive drive.
TIME • 2 days ago • 1535 Shares
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