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Prosecutor: Germanwings Co-Pilot Appears To Have Crashed Plane Deliberately

The German citizen, left in sole control of the Airbus A320 after the captain left the cockpit, refused to re-open the door and pressed a button that sent the jet into its fatal descent, the prosecutor told a news conference carried on live...
Huffington Post • 20 hours ago • 3594 Shares

NASA's Plan To Give The Moon A Moon

It sounds almost like a late ’90s sci-fi flick: NASA sends a spacecraft to an asteroid, plucks a boulder off its surface with a robotic claw, and brings it back in orbit around the moon.
Wired • 1 day ago • 3725 Shares

Sony Pictures wants to make Robotech its next big sci-fi franchise

From Spider-Man to Ghostbusters, it's pretty clear that Sony Pictures doesn't think that it's in the movie business as much as it's in the expanded universe business — and next up is Robotech.
The Verge • 1 day ago • 4488 Shares
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