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Watch A Zebrafish Brain As It Thinks And Moves

Researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have developed a novel imaging technique that allows us to peer into the brains of a living zebrafish and witness the activity of almost every single neuron as the organism thinks and moves.
Iflscience • 1 day ago • 4889 Shares

So, This Is Leonardo DiCaprio Running Shirtless With a Squirt Gun

But any context outside of Leo running aimlessly with a squirt gun is really unimportant; DiCaps is experiencing the summer of summers. In a photo released by New York Magazine, the Titanic star was seen, well, running shirtless with a squirt gun.
Mashable • 1 day ago • 2798 Shares

Led Zeppelin Continue Reissues With 'IV' and 'Houses of the Holy'

Less than a year after reissuing their first three albums as deluxe sets Led Zeppelin plan on putting out two more in the fall On October 28th the group will release deluxe editions of its 1971 album Led Zeppelin IV and its next record 1973's...
Rollingstone • 1 day ago • 18k Shares

Cowboys sign OT Smith to $110M contract

The Dallas Cowboys have signed Pro Bowl offensive tackle Tyron Smith to an eight-year extension through 2023, making the total value of his contract worth nearly $110 million, according to multiple sources.
ESPN • 3 hours ago • 6066 Shares