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Fact-checking Trump's claim of a 42% unemployment rate

As part of a partnership with FactCheck.org, CNN's Jake Tapper breaks down why Donald Trump's claim that the unemployment rate is at 42% is inaccurate. The unemployment rate is actually 4.9% for January.
CNN • 2 days ago • 9273 Shares

Carrier workers' rage over move to Mexico caught on video

Workers at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis were caught on video booing and jeering after being told that the plant would be relocated to Monterey, Mexico.
CNN • 2 days ago • 3745 Shares

AMD is supposedly planning a 32-core CPU with an eight-channel DDR4 interface

AMD may be planning a new 32-core server CPU once Zen launches -- but whether that's a good thing or not depends on whether its an Intel bunker buster, or an attempt to compensate for weak per-core performance. Right now, it could be either.
Extremetech • 2 days ago • 3663 Shares

DMX -- Breathing Easy Again (PHOTO)

DMX has come back from the dead ... performing at a NYC nightclub just days after cops found him unconscious ... not breathing and no pulse. X took the stage for an hour Thursday night at Lively nightclub, looking strong and healthy.
TMZ • 2 days ago • 5444 Shares

Records show Jim Harbaugh spent nearly $136K in 2015 recruiting - ESPN

Jim Harbaugh racked up nearly $136,000 in recruiting travel expenses over a 12-day period during his first month as Michigan's coach, according to records obtained by USA Today Sports.
ESPN • 2 days ago • 3153 Shares
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