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Victorian election: Greens go into battle for prized seat of Melbourne

With polls showing the Greens ahead in both Melbourne and Richmond, the minor party holds high hopes of securing the balance of power The view from the streets of Frankston – video Full coverage of the Victorian election Continue reading...
The Guardian • 1 day ago • 1572 Shares

Sony's e-paper watch is a thing of minimalist beauty

Two days ago, we heard of Sony's plans to build a watch made entirely of e-paper — one where the band and the watch face would both change in response to the user's wrist gestures.
The Verge • 20 hours ago • 2696 Shares

China Bans Wordplay In Attempt At Pun Control

Popular sayings and even customs, as well as jokes, rely on wordplay. From online discussions to adverts, Chinese culture is full of puns.
The Guardian • 17 hours ago • 1617 Shares