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Security breach prompts more White House security

The Secret Service is boosting security outside the White House following an embarrassing security breach in which an intruder with a knife scaled the White House fence, dashed across the lawn and made it all the way inside...
Yahoo News • 1 day ago • 2487 Shares

The World Spewed More Carbon Pollution Into The Air Last Year Than Ever Before

The world emissions averaged to 6.3 million pounds (2.9 million kilograms) of carbon dioxide put in the air every second. Only two dozen of the about 200 countries cut their carbon emissions last year, led by mostly European countries.
Huffington Post • 1 day ago • 1790 Shares

Quantum Entanglement Creates New State of Matter

Half a million ultracold atoms were linked together in the first-ever “macroscopic spin singlet” state -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com.
Scientific American • 10 hours ago • 1574 Shares

Nokia saw the future, but couldn't build it

There was once a time when my search for a new phone would start (and likely finish) with a visit to Nokia.com. It’s a vastly different mobile world we’re living in now, but what’s most striking about it is that Nokia saw it all coming.
The Verge • 9 hours ago • 5264 Shares

'South Park' Is Going To Take On The NFL

The issues the NFL are dealing with right now require measured and informed public discourse. Or we could just let "South Park" deal with it.
Digg • 20 hours ago • 75 Shares