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SpaceX postpones next Falcon 9 launch following explosion

The postponed Jason-3 launch was also supposed to be the next test of the Falcon 9's reusability. The next Falcon 9 rocket launch on SpaceX's schedule has been postponed, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
The Verge • 2 days ago • 3932 Shares

Caitlyn Jenner Creates Big Apple Frenzy (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Caitlyn Jenner stepped out with new best friend Diane Sawyer Monday night in NYC, and she has the paparazzi eating out of the palm of her hand. It's pretty incredible ... the flurry of questions Bruce Jenner faced over the last few years are all…
TMZ • 1 day ago • 12k Shares

U.S.A. Beats Germany 2-0 To Advance To Women's World Cup Final

After a dramatic 2-0 victory over Germany on Tuesday's semifinal, the U.S. The top two nations facing off in the semifinal did not disappoint with the U.S. and Germany taking a total of 12 and 15 shots, respectively.
Huffington Post • 11 hours ago • 3021 Shares
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