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Gaza economy 'on verge of collapse', with world's highest unemployment

The economy of Gaza – assailed by war, poor governance and a joint Israeli-Egyptian blockade – has reached the “verge of collapse” with the coastal strip suffering the highest rate of unemployment in the world.
The Guardian • 2 days ago • 3894 Shares

See a Live View of Saturn’s Rings

Saturn will come closer to earth this weekend than at any other time of the year, giving us earthbound creatures an incomparable view of its rings.
TIME • 1 day ago • 2120 Shares

Edward Snowden: NSA reform in the US is only the beginning

Edward Snowden has hailed landmark shifts in Congress and the US courts on NSA surveillance but cautioned that much more needs to be done to restore the balance in favour of privacy.
The Guardian • 2 days ago • 6851 Shares
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