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Obama family serves Thanksgiving dinner to homeless vets

President Barack Obama, joined by the entire First Family, on Wednesday began the Thanksgiving holiday by serving dinner to the local homeless population and veterans at Friendship Place Homeless Center in Washington.
CNN • 1 day ago • 18k Shares

George Osborne scraps tax credit cuts in welfare U-turn

George Osborne has executed a complete U-turn on his controversial cuts to tax credits, as he delivered what he called, “a big spending review from a government that does big things”.
The Guardian • 1 day ago • 937 Shares

How to fight your relatives at Thanksgiving dinner

You can't beat them all, so treat this like a classic Jackie Chan fight scene involving more than one person: run, fight if you have to and then keep running. Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot fight more than five third-graders at a time.
Sbnation • 10 hours ago • 362 Shares
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