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Ralphie May -- To The Rescue ... Saves Choking Baby (PHOTO)

Comedian Ralphie May saved a choking toddler's life at the Spokane airport Thursday after stepping up and giving the kid the Heimlich. A witness tells us Ralphie was sitting inside the airport's food court when the kid's mother began screaming at…
TMZ • 11 hours ago • 7465 Shares

Sharapova enrolls at Harvard Business School

She might be serving a two-year doping ban, but tennis star Maria Sharapova won't be twiddling her thumbs during that enforced sabbatical after enrolling for a course at the prestigious Harvard Business School.
CNN • 2 days ago • 8924 Shares

Canned foods linked to BPA risk

There has been an ongoing debate about just how much of the industrial chemical Bisphenol A (or BPA) lurks in canned foods and whether it poses a health risk.
CNN • 2 days ago • 2709 Shares

OK, Boys, What's Next On The Docket To Slam Hillary With?

OK, Boys, What's Next On The Docket T... OK, Boys, What's Next On The Docket To Slam Hillary With? Submitted by: Kady Ruth Ashcraft Regular Keywords: hildog Hillary Clinton Politics GOP Republicans Views: 1,176
Funnyordie • 17 hours ago • 186 Shares
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