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Corbyn to unveil 'Vision 2020' to end austerity with public investment plan

Jeremy Corbyn will brush aside warnings that he risks a return to the divisions of the 1980s when he outlines plans to end “the years of political and economic austerity” to help create a high-skilled workforce in Britain.
The Guardian • 2 days ago • 5066 Shares

Illegal immigrants face eviction without court order under plans to discourage migrants

Immigrants living in Britain illegally will face abrupt eviction from rental properties under new laws designed to make Britain a tougher place to live in, the government will announce as it redoubles its response to the Calais migrant crisis.
The Guardian • 1 day ago • 2202 Shares

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave -- Seriously Injured in Devastating Crash (VIDEO)

The video is horrific ... a drag race comes to a quick, violent end when Daddy Dave from "Street Outlaws" loses control of his vehicle and it slams into a wall and barrel rolls. It happened at the Amarillo Dragway in Texas Saturday night.…
TMZ • 2 days ago • 6623 Shares

Ronda Rousey Told Bethe Correia 'Don't Cry' After Beating Her Up

Thanks to Correia’s bad-mouthing, Rousey didn't just make her eat her own words -- but also some canvas. Well, after Rousey knocked out Correia in 34 seconds, guess what the undefeated champ said to her humbled opponent?
Huffington Post • 18 hours ago • 3078 Shares
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