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Angelina Jolie Visits Female Factory Workers in Myanmar

During her meeting with the factory workers on the outskirts of an industrial zone in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, Jolie and Suu Kyi witnessed first-hand the conditions the women live in, mostly low-cost hostels.
TIME • 15 hours ago • 4219 Shares

These Cute Sea Slugs Are The Sheep Of The Sea

Well, prepare to immediately forget about them as you’re overwhelmed by the cuteness of these sea slugs that look like sheep. Photo credit: 'Ewe' can't deny the cuteness of this little guy.
Ifl Science • 1 day ago • 3461 Shares

Windows 10 is already installed on 14 million devices

Windows 10 had been installed on more than 14 million devices by Thursday evening, a small step toward the company’s goal of an installed base of 1 billion.
PC World • 2 days ago • 2233 Shares

Alan Cheuse, Novelist And Longtime NPR Contributor, Dies At 75

The author and critic died Friday of injuries sustained in a car accident. For years, he was the voice of NPR's literature commentary — and, for many, the "guide to a very exciting world." » E-Mail This.
NPR • 1 day ago • 3053 Shares

Ice T Is The Greatest Children's Cartoon Voice Actor Of All Time

Did you know that Ice T used to do voiceover work for children's cartoons, like "Care Bears," "The Smurfs" and "Dora the Explorer?"
Digg • 2 days ago • 68 Shares
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