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Tony Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists

But that's where Abbott and Hockey have achieved what many thought impossible: a true consensus. Theres a joke about economists: if you ask five economists the same question youll get six different answers.
The Guardian • 18 hours ago • 5521 Shares

Colorado Voters Are Cool With Creating Members-Only Marijuana Clubs

In a Quinnipiac poll released Monday, state voters strongly support cannabis use in members-only clubs, but are against consumption in traditional bars, clubs and entertainment venues.More...
Huffington Post • 2 days ago • 1391 Shares

New Material Converts Sunlight to Steam

Researchers from MIT have developed a new material that converts sunlight into steam much more efficiently than currently available alternatives.
Iflscience • 2 days ago • 6667 Shares

Researchers fully 'delete' HIV from human cells for the first time

Those strands were then injected into cells typically infected with HIV, like T-cells. Since the guide RNA strand contained no human DNA sequences, it left the host cell intact -- but free from HIV.
Engadget • 1 day ago • 3633 Shares

Billy Joel to Receive Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize

Billy Joel will receive the Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize for Popular Song which each year honors the career of one musician and their dedication to "promoting the genre of song as a vehicle of cultural understanding; entertaining and...
Rollingstone • 1 day ago • 16k Shares

Rights group blasts Giants' hiring of Tyree

The Human Rights Campaign blasted the New York Giants' hiring of David Tyree in a statement Tuesday. Tyree, who was hired as the team's director of player development, has made headlines in the past for his anti-gay views.
ESPN • 18 hours ago • 2873 Shares

Makoto Azuma Uses the Stratosphere as a Backdrop For His Latest Floral Art

Last week Japanese botanic artist Makoto Azuma attempted to go where most artists only dream of going: to space. In a project titled Exbiotanica, last week Azuma and his crew traveled to Black Rock Desert outside Gerlach, Nevada.
Thisiscolossal • 1 day ago • 4633 Shares

North Korea Is Not Pleased: Dance Video Features Kim Jong Un

Citing a threat to the leader's dignity, North Korea reportedly asks China to block a video that inserts Kim Jong Un's image into bizarre situations, all set to a bouncy dance track. » E-Mail This.
NPR • 2 days ago • 190 Shares