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Octopus Cares For Her Eggs For 53 Months, Then Dies

The clutches are also very small—for comparison, the giant Pacific octopus lays clutches of around 100,000). The record-holder among octopuses was a captive Bathypolypus arcticus who guarded her eggs for 14 months.
Nationalgeographic • 2 days ago • 11k Shares

South Korea Sent 10,000 Choco Pies Over to North Korea in Balloons

The pies, which are produced in South Korea, are wildly popular in North Korea. The pies, which have become something of a political statement, are viewed as a symbol of capitalism and represent a taste of the world outside North Korea.
Mashable • 17 hours ago • 2473 Shares

Chris Brown -- These Rolls Ain't Loyal

Chris Brown continues to look noticeably heavier since getting out of jail ... bravely partying without a shirt on while hanging out Wednesday afternoon in glorious St. Tropez.CB is partying in France while one of his new neighbors in the San…
TMZ • 2 days ago • 21k Shares