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Solar flare flurry footage released by Nasa video

Nasa images from its Solar Dynamics Observatory show the sun producing solar flares. A mid-level flare was registered in the last week of August, but the activity continued, with more than six further flares registered by the SDO.
The Guardian • 1 day ago • 433 Shares

Social Media Goes Wild Over Massive Celebrity Nude Photo Leak

The images spread quickly across Twitter and other social media platforms. A massive leak of what appears to be celebrities in compromising positions has seen the Internet go into overdrive.
Mashable • 2 days ago • 3140 Shares

Faith No More to Release First Album in 18 Years, Plot U.S. Tour

In 1992, you guys were a square peg, you didn't fit into Headbanger's Ball, you didn't exactly fit into 120 Minutes... To where, here it is 15 years later, people actually want to hear what we do and the stuff we did actually lasted.
Rollingstone • 6 hours ago • 23k Shares