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Police release video of Kajieme Powell fatal shooting in St Louis

St Louis police have released video and audio recordings of the shooting on Tuesday of Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old man described as behaving erratically and carrying a knife when officers arrived on the scene.
The Guardian • 1 day ago • 7019 Shares

Bank Of America Reaches Record $17 Billion Settlement With U.S.

Those institutions were acquired by the bank in 2008 and were responsible for the bulk of the questionable loans. The officials say the bank will pay $10 billion in cash and provide consumer relief valued at $7 billion.
Huffington Post • 2 days ago • 1789 Shares

Ex-ref asked off Redskins games due to name

Former NFL referee Mike Carey told The Washington Post that he requested not to work home or away games for the Washington Redskins since 2006 due to the team's controversial nickname.
ESPN • 2 days ago • 5813 Shares